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Does Your Local Business Need TikTok?

Have you been told that the only way to grow on social media is to get your business on TikTok? While we love new trends in digital marketing, and the opportunity to show businesses to new and unique markets, there's something to say for knowing where your niche is.

The dominant audience on TikTok is constantly changing. When it first started out in early 2020, it was widely known that it was mostly for teens. With silly, short form videos ranging 30 - 60 seconds, it was hard to see how businesses with a lot to communicate could effectively use the platform.

As with all things in the digital sphere, TikTok has evolved. Now, we're seeing all kinds of businesses and users of all ages, advertising to an audience of millions of people. Brands like DuoLingo have made the most of the platform by embracing the idea of what "engagement" really is. Instead of sticking to an outdated brand messaging strategy and holding dearly to their professionalism to make sure not to offend anyone, they've branched out. They hop on trending songs, pop culture references, and niche interests and audience to get their viewers interested and commenting. The best part? It's working! Their growth has been astounding over the last 2 years, fueled predominantly by this new platform.

All of this to say...does YOUR business need TikTok?

Here are a few ways to know:

1) Are you ready to let go of outdated assumptions of what it means to advertise?

2) Are you looking for constant growth and a more diverse audience that will engage more honestly with your product?

3) Are you willing to risk failure and garnering videos with little to no views when you first start out?

4) Do you have the creative team in place (and paid well) to put in the time and energy it takes to consistently produce fresh video content?

If you answered YES to these questions, take a chance today and give TikTok a shot! Better yet, take those TikTok videos and then repurpose them into Instagram Reels, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and more down the road?

Looking for help getting started? Reach out to our team at PJH Creative Studio today!

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